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We are a FA machine manufacturer that develops, designs, produces, and sells printed wiring board manufacturing machines. We take on challenges that also include international projects, and we make effective use of the techniques as well as the know-how that we have established and accumulated throughout our history with the aim of being a company that can contribute to the various demands and tasks of our customers now and in the future.
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The new MC Series has made its debut among our Robo-Sticky line of devices that remove dust from printed circuit board surfaces using cleaning rollers and cleaning tape. Like our conventional cleaning machines, this new series continues to be effective with thin boards, but it also offers further improved operability and serviceability.
Our “Printed Circuit Board Warp Correction System” has been highly-rated for its high processing capabilities, excellent warp correction, as well as its ability to minimize the return of warping, and this system is realized though the combination of a heating device, warp correction device, and slow-cooling machine that integrates our company’s know-how into a single system.
The “DH-5100” is the representative product of our DH Series, and its excellent operability for prearrangements allows anyone to easily make prearrangements for lamination. It achieves high-quality lamination using substantial features such as even lamination pressure, a digital display of lamination speed, a high-precision lamination roller, and being standard equipped with a specialized pedestal.
In addition to unwinding and winding machines that are essential for FPC lines, we provide a wide range of FPC related machines, such as material cleaning machines as well as cutting machines, and we also handle various requests and original machines.
We strive to improve our technology and services to contribute to the development of society.
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At FTM Technical Service, our employees are closely connected to our customers as well to our communities, and we face each of those connections with sincerity to respond to challenges with all of our power.
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We’re looking for people who can join us in the challenge of innovative manufacturing! You can take a tour of our new factory and its state-of-the-art environment.